[last update: 17 October 2014]
[last news: finished "Fermarono i Cieli" (beautiful traditional Italian Christmas song)]

[One remark on "a cappella" definition]

The purpose of this page
The search for scores fit to their group is a time consuming and frustrating process to many a cappella singers. As an a cappella arranger, I can help everyone who is in that search by sharing my scores for free.

Who I am and what you will find
My name is Fabio Alessi. I am an italian composer/arranger from Udine, Italy. Click here for some more infos about me. A part from few original vocal compositions, my work concerns mainly arranging jazz and pop repertoire for a cappella groups and choirs. The more common kind of arrangement is SATB, but you will find many different voicings as well. In my charts there is no indication on articulation/dynamics/phrasing: they are left to your musical sensibility. Similarly, it's up to you adding vocal percussion, when appropriate.
My arrangements of public domain songs and my original songs are copyrighted and officially registered at SIAE (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori). My arrangements of songs in copyright are certified with "data certa" certifications.

How to get a score
First browse the list. The scores marked with "(*)" are not free: you should contact my publishers. All the other scores are free: you have just to email me your request, but take into account that I want to interact just with people truly involved in a cappella music. Therefore in your email give me some links (website, YouTube videos etc.) to your vocal group and describe me your musical activity, otherwise I will consider you as a "free stuff collector" and won't reply your mail.
If you email me for a score, please mention that you have read the COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER STATEMENT, TERMS OF USE and REMARKS below and agree to act according to the limitations there listed.

For any question or feedback, feel free to email me: I will be glad to hear from you. Thank you.


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I do not sell my scores. They are free. My purpose is to bring my contribution in favour of a cappella music. My scores are grouped in two different kinds, as explained below.
- Arrangements of public domain songs and original songs
You can use freely these arrangements/compositions for the standard musical use: rehearsing, singing them in live performances or recordings. In case of public performances or recordings, you have to give credits to my coauthors and me and follow the regulations of your country on the matter. For every other use of the scores it is required that you contact me for an agreement.
- Arrangements of songs in copyright
I have no right on the arrangements of songs in copyright: I am the author of the arrangements but all the rights are reserved to the owners of the original songs. I indicate on my scores the original composers and authors of the songs. If by mistake you receive from me a score without such indications, or with mistaken or inaccurate informations, please make me aware: as soon as possible I will rectify the score. If you email me for the score of an arrangement of a song in copyright, it is understood and agreed what follows.
- You have an official copy of the original song.
- For any use of the score outside the range of "educational purposes", you have to verify that you are not infringing the copyright laws of your country, nor making harm to any of the copyright owners.
- It is your responsability to make proper use of the scores and to get the necessary permissions from your local music representative organizations and from the copyright owners of the song, according to the use you intend to make of the score. For instance, in the case of public performances, one step is to make sure that the copyrights owners of the song get paid.
- You will not alter, distribute, or claim as your own the arrangements that you receive from me.
- I am responsible under no circumstance of any illegal use of the arrangements that you receive from me.

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